Keynote Presenters

Selena Fisk



Selena's presentation considers the 'Why' of data, and how we, as school leaders, have come to be in a position where using data is a vital part of our work. Participants will consider the current expectations on Australian teachers, and their subsequent challenge of moving staff to a point of impact with using evidence and student data. Leaders will consider the role that they play in building a culture that is data-informed, the proactive steps required to foster the development of skills and attitudes of their staff, and the structures required to support this practice in their school.


Greg Cuthbert


Greg Cuthbert is the Head of Student Performance and Outcomes at Mt Maria College at Mitchelton. He has extensive experience in Senior Schooling, having led Mt Maria as the schooling Education Leader through the new QCE system implementation phase, as a QCAA Lead endorser, Lead Confirmer and as a member of the Business and Economics Learning Area Reference Group (LARG). Prior to that, Greg was District Review Panel Chair and a State Review Panelist for almost 20 years in the subject of Accounting. Greg will be talking about ATAR and is known as the developer of the ATAR active ATAR estimation software which has proven very accurate in its first year.

Rachel Holding


Rachel is a highly experienced workplace lawyer specialising in employment & industrial relations issues, including industrial bargaining, workplace disputes, Federal Circuit Court & Fair Work Commission litigation, employee misconduct investigations, professional misconduct defense, business sponsorship and migration, defamation disputes, work health and safety, contract disputes, discrimination, managing discipline and dismissal, and transmission of business.

Pete Stebbins



Dr Pete Stebbins, PhD is a leading expert on High Performance Teams in Education and the Director of the High-Performance Schools Project. Over the last 5 years, Pete has worked with 323 Schools, 3228 Leaders and 11,913 teaching and non-teaching staff with significant improvements in both staff engagement and student outcomes visible within 12 months. Professor John Hattie said: “Accomplishing the maximum impact on student learning depends on teams of teachers working together...”. Pete’s big goal is to ensure that ‘every teacher belongs to a High-Performance Team in every school across Australia!

Kate Hinton 


Kate has worked in schools and systems with students, teachers, leadership and executive members to collaborate on new initiatives, coach, mentor, provide feedback, support career progression and wellbeing. She has an interest in Neuroscience for Leadership with a focus on performance, positive relationships and building leadership capacity at any stage of a career. Kate is an engaging facilitator and presenter who empowers adults to reflect and act with intention.
ABN 43 668 189 484