Keynote Presenters

Dan Haesler

Dan Haesler

Dan Haesler is an international keynote speaker, educator, writer & consultant.


Described as engaging, thought provoking and someone who pushes the boundaries; Dan has presented as a conference keynote alongside some of the world’s most well known educational thinkers including Sir Ken Robinson, Sugata Mitra and Stephen Heppell.

He has presented on the same programme as His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


He has also shared the stage with well known Australian identities such as Academy-Award-winning animator Adam Elliot, as well as Michelle Bridges, Bob Brown, Jessica Watson, Michael Carr-Gregg, Steve Biddulph and Melinda Tankard Reist to name a few.


As well as speaking around Australia, Dan works with a diverse range of people and organisations and his work has been featured on Channel 10 and the ABC. He also writes regularly for Fairfax Media’s education pages as well as The Australian Teacher magazine.

His work centres around the relationships between engagement, wellbeing, achievement and leadership. Dan empowers organisations, schools and individuals to lead educational change. Dan also runs workshops with K-12 and tertiary students.

He has been working with teenagers for 20 years. As an 18 year old he was a community outreach worker in Manchester, using sport as a vehicle to engage the otherwise disaffected youth in the City’s poorer areas.

In 1999 he qualified from Liverpool John Moore’s University as a Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Teacher.

From being Head of Year 10 in one of England’s largest inner-city high schools to his position of Head of House in an independent school in Sydney, throughout his teaching career, Dan has worked with students, teachers, parents and wider communities from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds. Throughout his career he has acquired a deep understanding of youth issues through his development of educational programs to support youth at risk.

In 2010 he was awarded the NSW Premier’s Anika Foundation Teacher Scholarship in order to address and raise awareness of youth depression in education. This has enabled him to engage with the leading minds in the fields of education, mental wellbeing and positive psychology; these include Dr Jane Gillham, Jenny Fox-Eades and Sir Ken Robinson.


Di Ambrust

Di Armbrust has over 15 years’ experience in human resource management specialising in management and leadership for high performance. She has earned the respect of colleagues and clients for her practical and pragmatic approach and her 

Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw has over 15 years’ success in assisting organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to improve performance of their staff. He has helped many organisations to understand and resolve “the 2% effect” and its negative impact on engagement and performance. His simple and best practice approach to HR helps boost business results.

Dr Judith Locke


Judith is a registered clinical psychologist with experience in adult, child and family therapy with over 20 years of national and international experience in teaching, workplace training and psychology. Currently she provides psychological assistance to individuals, groups and organisations. She is a member of both The Australian Psychological Society (the APS) and the APS College of Clinical Psychologists.
Judith delivers dynamic psychological training sessions in parenting, resilience, staff well-being and related fields to parents and staff in schools, childcare centers, and government and community organizations, as well as private companies.
Judith is also a Visiting Research Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology where she researches modern parenting, child and parent well-being, and how children and parents interact with academic environments. Her psychological commentary has been featured in newspapers, magazines and on television and radio around Australia.
Most recently, Judith has authored The Bonsai Child, a parenting book which details modern parenting trends, and offers practical and realistic strategies for parents, which have worked for hundreds of parents she has helped.

Tony Ryan 

Tony Ryan is a learning consultant and futurist whose passion is to assist teachers, trainers and other outstanding learners to become even more extraordinary.  Tony’s passion for his work is best summed up in his own words: 
“I love my work, and I’ll do (almost) anything to help others to feel the same way. I’ve written quite a few books, I’ve worked in lots of countries, and I regularly engage with schools, training organisations and businesses who are obsessed with innovative future-focused practice. Innovation is my bread and butter. It’s core to who I am. The world up ahead will be amazing, but it will take each of us to push our intellect and our spirit beyond all previous possibilities. And I intend to support others in doing that. “
 Tony’s experience speaks for itself:
A teacher for 12 years. Mainly primary, and some secondary
An advisor in ‘Gifted And Talented’ Education with the Qld Education Department
The author of eight books on innovative thinking and lifelong learning
A consultant with ten universities in 4 countries
A consultant with over 800 schools in 8 countries
The keynote speaker at over 50 major conferences in 6 different countries
A former Australian president of the National Speakers Association
An Australian ambassador for School Aid
The founder of the EarthMovers Foundation
Tony’s passion for social justice and innovative education align so well with our vision for catholic schooling.
ABN 43 668 189 484